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Contingency search

Anson McCade provides Contingency search services for permanent, contract and temporary personnel required by our Clients. While many firms may in fact only provide a simple database search our Clients can expect our consultants and researchers to undertake far more thorough searches through networking and headhunting; in effect providing a service much more akin to Search & Selection than you can expect from your typical recruitment agency.

Retained services

Anson McCade offers Retained Search & Selection services to Clients who need to find the very best candidates in the market, or where time is of the essence. As part of this premium service, additional resources will be allocated internally to maximise our penetration of the market during our search. We are also able to build comprehensive market maps and provide detailed market information and candidate profiles. Each mandate is unique and the services provided will be tailored individually according to the demands of the Client.


Managing a complete end-to-end recruitment team is a huge job; always time consuming and endlessly challenging. For those clients with high volume talent acquisition targets and a comprehensive arsenal of recruitment tools and resources in place it can sometimes be best to outsource this specialised work to a specialist 3rd party. In addition to the contingency and retained recruitment models offered, Anson McCade also offers Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services to those clients who would prefer to delegate all or part of their recruitment services to a single professional recruitment organisation. The RPO solutions we offer can take many forms, from pure candidate research and CV submission only to a fully integrated, enterprise level, on-site department handling end-to-end recruitment, from CV sourcing, through evaluation and client/candidate interview management, to contract negotiations, on-boarding and post-hire management, plus data analytics for each programme undertaken. We also manage advertising campaigns to accelerate recruitment drives and improve awareness of our clients’ brands; accordingly, recruitment staff supplied by Anson McCade are able to operate under our own or our clients’ brands as required.

Diversity Policy

Diversity has become a key driver within recruitment campaigns for many of our larger Clients and we regularly work in partnership with them to help them achieve their goals.

For further information on any of the above services please contact us.

Practice areas

Anson McCade is focused on providing a very high quality service. We value our relationships extremely highly and this is reflected in the number of very longstanding partnerships we have with the majority of our client base across our practice areas, many of which have lasted in excess of a decade. Our success is built on hard work, underpinned by substantial and continual investment in resources. Headhunting is the cornerstone of our service provision which, while time consuming and challenging, is extremely effective.

We offer our clients contingency and retained search services for both permanent and contract personnel.

Selected vacancies

Anson McCade executive search, London

Subcontract Manager - Contract...

United Kingdom (Surrey)
Type: Contract

Anson McCade executive search, London

System Design Engineer...

United Kingdom (Bristol)
Type: Permanent

Anson McCade executive search, London

Contract - C++ Developer - SC...

United Kingdom (Gloucestershire)
Type: Contract

Anson McCade executive search, London

Senior IT Project Manager ...

United Kingdom (West Midlands)
Type: Permanent

Anson McCade provides high-end recruitment services within a wide range of technical verticals and business sectors, operating on a Contingency, Search or RPO basis.

Anson McCade Consulting provides Professional Services expertise for projects, from conceptualisation through to delivery.